The Wagoner Lad

Words & Music by
sung by John Denver

G                 C                   G
Hard luck is the fortune of all womankind
        D           G                         D
They're always controlled, they're always confined
                     G                      D
Controlled by their parents until they are wives
               G              C                          G
Then they're slaves to their husbands the rest of their lives

G              C                     G
I once knew a girl and the story is sad
    D           G                      D
She oftime was courted by the Wagoner Lad
                 G                     D
He courted her truly, by night and by day
         G          C                     G
Now his wagons are loaded, he's pulling away

G                C                           G
Your horses are hungry, come feed them some hay
     D          G                          D
And sit down beside me for as long as you may.
                 G                           D
My horses ain't hungry, they won't eat your hay
    G             C                     G
So fare we well, Darling, I'm pulling away.

G                   C                         G
Your parents don't like me, they say I'm too poor
      D           G                    D
They say I'm not worthy to enter your door
               G                        D
I work for my living, all my money's my own
G                  C                          G
And if they don't like me they can leave me alone.