Zachary And Jennifer

Words & Music by John Denver
from Farewell Andromeda (1973)

Unusual chords:
Am7    :  ||2213
Dm7    :  |||211

F  G  C  Am7  Dm7  G  Am

       F       G7     C       Am
Oh we want to call him Zachary
           Dm       G         Am
And we'll raise him in the mountains
           F    G           C       Am
And he'll bathe in crystal fountains
         Dm              G
Shining laughter in the sun

        F       G7     C       Am
And we want to call her Jennifer
            Dm     G            Am
And she'll dance in fields of flowers
            F   G           C    Am
And she'll sing in summer showers
         Dm           G
Lending music to the time

       F       G      C   Am
Oh we want to live forever
         Dm      G    Am
In this mirror see tomorrow
         F   G7    C          Am     
All the joy and all the sorrow
       Dm             G
We can only hope to share

F  C  Am7  Dm7  G  Am  F  G  C  Am  Dm7  G