Tenderly Calling

Words and Music by Jan Garret
Sung by John Denver
from Different Directions (1991)

	 G     D       G   
Chorus:	Home, come on home
	C                      G
	Ye who are weary come home
	 C		     G	  Em
	Softly and tenderly calling
	 G     D       G    D
	Home, come on home

	 G			    C
	Sometimes when I'm feeling lonesome
             G                        D
	And no one on earth seems to care
            G            	  Em
	I'm all by myself in the darkness
              A7         	     D           
	With no one and nothing to share

         G			      F
	Just when it feels like it's hopeless
	    B                    Em
	And I'll never make it alone
	C		     G    Em	
	I hear the voices of angels
	 G        D          G  D
	Tenderly calling me home


        G		    C
	I try to keep it together	
           G                      D
	I never let on that I'm scared
          G 	             	   Em
	Still sometimes I fall to pieces
          A7         	          D           
	Scattered and lost everywhere

         G			         F
	Just when it feels like there's no one
	    B                        Em
	To mend all my broken down dreams
	C		       G     Em	
	I hear a voice deep inside me
	 G        D          G  D
	Tenderly calling to me


	    G			   C
	So don't be afraid of the darkness
             G                        D
	And don't run away from the storm
          G            	           Em
	Stand up and face your reflection
             A7         	   D           
	The feelings you try to ignore

        G		     F
	After the tempest is over 
	B  	                      Em
	You've let yourself come on trough
	C		     	    G    Em	
	You'll hear a voice in the silence
	 G        D          G  D
	Tenderly calling to you