Seasons Of The Heart

Words and Music by John Denver
from Seasons Of The Heart (1982)

C  F  C  G

C                             	          F                         
Of course, we have our diff'rences, you shouldn't be surprised;
         G			   C
It's as natural as changes in the seasons and the skies.
                   (C/E)         F
Sometimes we grow together, sometimes we drift apart;
   G          			   C
A wiser man than I might know the seasons of the heart.

And I'm walking here beside you, in the early evening chill,
    G                                C
A thing we've always loved to do, I know we always will.
            (C/E)              F
We have so much in common, so many things we share,
  	G            			  C                       C7   
That I can't believe my heart when it implies that you're not there.


    F             G                C        
   Love is why I came here in the first place
    F               G             C            C/E
   Love is now the reason I must go,
    F            G              C
   Love is all I ever hoped to find here,
    F                G              C   F   C   F   G
   Love is still the only dream I know

      C                                F
So I don't know how to tell you, it's difficult to say,
   G                           C
I never in my wildest dreams imagined it this way,
     C            (C/E)                       F
Sometimes I just don't know you, there's a stranger in our home;
          G                          C
When I'm lying right beside you is when I'm most alone
        C                                  F
And I think my heart is broken, there's an emptiness inside,
    G                                   C
So many things I've longed  for have so often been denied.
      C                 (C/E)                F
Still I wouldn't try to change you, there's no one that's to blame,
      G                                      C                      C7
It's just some things that mean so much, we just don't feel the same.

      F                G              C    F   C
True love is still the only dream I know.