Like A Sad Song

Words and Music by John Denver

from Spirit (1976)

Unusual Chords:
D/F#   :  2||232
Cm6/Eb :  ||1213
Cm7/Eb :  ||1313
C   Cm6/Eb   G   C   Cm6/Eb   D
 G                 D/F#     Em7                   G7
Usually in the morning I'm filled with sweet belonging
    C              Cm6/Eb       G
And ev'rything is beautiful to see
                 D/F#        Em7                G
Even when it's raining, the sound of heaven singing
    C             Cm6/Eb    G
Is simply joyful music to me.
  C             Cm6/Eb      G
   Sometimes I feel like a sad song
            C          Cm6/Eb          D
   Like I'm all alone         without you.
    G                 D/F#   Em7             G7
So many diff'rent places, a million smiling faces
 C             Cm/Eb      G
Life is so incredible to me
                   D/F#        Em7                G7
Especially to be near you and how it is to touch you
    C           Cm6/Eb            G
Oh paradise was made for you and me.
  C             Cm6/Eb       G           Em
   I know that life goes on just perfectly
       Am7                     D7                 G
   And ev'rything is just the way that it should be
  C                 Cm6/Eb        G                 Em
   Still there are times when my heart feels like breaking
       Am                            D
   And anywhere is where I'd rather be.
   G                   D/F#     Em7                       G7
   Oh and in the night time I know that it's the right time
          C               Cm6/Eb            G
   To hold you close and say    I love you so
   To have someone to share with
        Em7                G7
   And someone I can care with
         C            Cm6/Eb         G
   And that is why I wanted you to know
         C           Cm6/Eb      G
        Sometimes I feel like a sad song
                 C        Cm6/Eb       D  Cm6/Eb       D
        Like I'm all alone    without you,    without you.
 G  D/F#  Em  G7  C  Cm7/Eb