Postcard From Paris (I Wish You Were Here)

Words and Music by John Denver
from The Flower That Shattered The Stone (1990)


F    Fmaj7    Bbadd2/F    Bb/C    F    Fmaj7    Bbadd2/F   Bb/C

Verse 1
 F                 Dm              C
Dear friend of mine, the weather's fine
  Bb             F   C/E     Dm7             C
Today I saw some ruins of the Roman world's decline
     Am                   Bb
And I climbed all those Spanish Steps; 
        F       C/E  Dm  C/D
You've heard of them no doubt.
    Gm7sus4(3 fr)     Gm7(3 fr)      Bb/C
But Rome has lost its glory, I don't know what it's about

I wish you were here 
                        C/E        Dm7  C    Bb
(When the shadows fall and all the rushing traffic stills)
 Gm7(3 fr)  Bb/C F
I wish you were here 
          Bb/F      F       Dm7
(And the bells are ringing on the Seven Hills)
I make my way to a small cafe'
I wonder what you did today
               F   Fmaj7 Bbadd2/F Bb/C
Wish you were here

Verse 2

Dear one at home, I just flew in from Rome
Paris is a postcard all decked out in color chrome
And so I climbed the Eiffel Tower 
And prayed at Notre Dame
But I just can't find the romance
And I wonder why I came

I wish you were here 
(on the Champs-Elysees lovers walking hand in hand)
I wish you were here
(they take one look at me and seem to understand)
This city of light is a lovely sight
The first bright star I see tonight
Wish you were here

Now I write this from the plane, 
  C/G            F
Drinking cheap champagne
And wondering why two people
        F/Eb  Eb(6fr)     C/D
Got so far   apart

I wish you were here
                D/F#      Em       D      C
(Here in London where the rain is pouring down)
   C/D           G
I wish you were here
(On this airplane headed back to New York town)
I'll never leave you alone again
I'm coming home but until then
              G        Bm/F#      D/C
Wish you were here
   C             Em7    D/E   Em7   C
I wish you were here
 C/D           G
Wish you were here

D/F#    Em    D    Cadd9