I'm kissing you Goodbye

Words & Music by John Denver

 A								E
Oh, at first it was just like heaven in your heart and in your arms
				 E7		   A
And paradise discovered in the sweetness of your charms
Yes, and every day a miracle to awake and be with you
				  E7     	     A
And every night in your embrace another dream come true

But castles sometimes crumble some rivers still run dry
					     E7	            A
And fairy tales are witches tales when the truth becomes a lie"
And a pocket full of promises won't buy a diamond ring
			       E7		   A
And every word you said to me just didn't mean a thing

     D		       E	      A
It's over now, you've gone too far I can't take anymore
    D                   E                  A
Be careful now - don't hurt yourself when you walk through that door
       D               E              A                 D
I can hardly stand to look at you it makes me want to cry
           A                                 E               A
Get your tongue out of my mouth because I'm kissing you goodbye!

    A		  				          E
Now I suppose I'll never know why things turned out this way
				        E7      	A
And why the one you love the most is the one you drove away?
Yes, and I suppose I'll never, ever really understand
				        E7	      A
How I could think that you'd make me a happy married man

A					       E
So now I sit and contemplate the reason for it all
				  E7	             A
The climb to heights of ecstasy the failure and the fall
If a broken heart is purposeful it's in the lesson learned
				 E7		    A
No matter what the reason is it hurts when you get burned 

    D             E                  A                 	
Now I don't care, I don't think I'll ever love again
    D      E           A                      
"Kemosabe" used to me good and trusted friend
     D                  E         A                 D	
But now it stands for therapy and all the tears I cry
           A                                E		    A
Get your tongue out of my mouth 'Cause I'm kissing you goodbye!
D    A    E    A
Bye, Bye. Bye, Bye.