Higher Ground

Words by John Denver & Joe Henry
Music by John Denver & Lee Holdridge
from Higher Ground (1988)

Unusual chords
Dsus4     :  |||233  
Dmaj7/F#  :  2||21|
Asus4     :  ||223|
D/F#      :  2||23|
G/D       :  |||433

D  Dsus4 D  Dsus4 D  Dsus4 G/D  D  Dsus4  A5/D

            Em7          Dmaj7/F#
There are those who can live with 
      G                     Asus4  A
The things they don't believe in
          Em              D/F#
They are giving up their lives
     G                 G/A(3fr.) A      Cmaj9
For something that is less than it can be
           Em7          Dmaj7/F#
Some have longed for a home
       G            Asus4 A
In a place of inspiration
           Em             D/F#
Some will fill the emptiness inside
    G                     G/A(3fr)    A     Cmaj9
By giving it all to the things that they believe
        Asus4  A
They believe

 A                  D  
Maybe it's just a dream in me
Bm                   F#m7
Maybe it's just my style
 G                    A                D    Dsus4  D 
Maybe it's just the freedom that I've found
     A                  D
But given the possibility 
    Bm                  G
Of livin' up to the dream in me
      Em7              Asus4        A       D  Dsus4   D
You know that I'll be reachin' for higher ground

         Em7       Dmaj7/F#
I will stand on my own
        G               Asus4     A
I will live up to this vision
         Em               D/F#
I will trust in what I feel
     G                 G/A(3fr) A       Cmaj9
And follow my heart until it brings me home
          Asus4 A
Bring me home


Bb                   F
Keep me through the night
Bb              F
Lead me to the light
 G                     D
Teach me the magic of wonder
 G            Bm        Esus4   E       Asus4    A
Give me the spirit to fly

(chorus) (repeat twice)

Dsus4  D  Dsus4  G/D
D  Dsus4  A5/D
D  Dsus4  D      Dsus4  D
Dsus4  G/D  A/D  A  D