The Game Is Over

Words & Music by John Denver, Bourtayre & Bouchety
from Whose Garden Was This (1970)

G                  D
Time, there was a time
           C                   G
You could talk to me without speaking.
You would look at me
          G                     D
And I'd know all there was to know.
 G D             Em        Bm
Days I think of you and remember
     D                   G D
The lies we told in the night.
              Em        Bm
The love we knew, the things we shared
          G G7        C         D
When our hearts were beating together.
 G D               Em
Days that were so few.
         Bm D      G
Full of love  and you.
 Am D                  G       
Go--ne , the days are gone now.
A Bm                 A7   D
 Days that seem so wrong now.

 G D               Em      Bm  
Life won't be the same without you.
    D               G  D              Em
To hold again in my arms to ease the pain.
     Bm                G   G7
And remember when our love
       C          D   D7
Was a reason for living.
 G D               Em
Days that were so few.
         Bm  D    Em      
Full of love and you.
            G D
The game is over.