The Wings That Fly Us Home

Words by Joe Henry
Music by John Denver
from Spirit (1976)

Unusual chord:

	   D                          G                D
There are many ways of being in this circle we call life
				      Em                 A7
A wise man seeks an answer burns his candle through the night
	D                      D7              G
Is a jewel just a pebble that found a way to shine
			 D               Em             A7
Is an hero's blood more righteous than a hobo's sip of wine
	D                               G               D
Did I speak to you one morning on some distant world away
					Em           A7
Did you save me from an arrow, did you lay me in a grave
	  D                             D7              G
Were we brothers on a journey, did you teach me how to run
		       D             Em             A7
Were we broken by the waters, did I lie you in the sun
    G                  Bm    F#m     D
I dreamed you were a prophet in the meadow
    G              Bm      F#m     D       D7
I dreamed I was a mountain in the wind
    G                    Bm         F#m     D   
I dreamed you knelt and touched me with a flower
    G                 Em          A7
I awoke with this a flower in my hand

    D                              G              D
I know that love is seeing all the infinite in one
					 Em             A7
In the brotherhood of creatures who the father who the son
     D                               D7                  G
The vision of your goodness will sustain me through the cold
		       D               Em             A7
Take my hand now to remember when you find yourself alone,
You're never alone and the spirit fills the darkness of the heavens
    G                                 D    D7    
It fills the endless yearning of the soul
    G               Bm      F#m     D                        
It lives within a star too far to dream of, 
    G                 Bm      F#m     A7
It lives within each part and is the whole
	G   F#m      Em        A7      D  G     A   D  G  A11    D   G   D
It's a fire and the wings that fly us home, fly us home, fly us home.