Words & Music by John Denver, Mike Taylor and Dick Kniss
from Rocky Mountain High (1972)

Unusual chord:

G9sus4:   333555

Cmaj7   Am   Dm7   G7   Cmaj7   Am7   Dm7   G7 

    Cmaj7	    Am          Dm7            G9
Reflections in the water like shadows in my mind
  Cmaj7           Am	              Dm7               G7
speak to me of passing days and nights   and passing time.
     Cmaj7	         Am         Dm7              G9
The falling leaves are whispering, winter's on its way
    Cmaj7	   Am                 Dm7            G7
I close my eyes remembering the warmth   of yesterday
    Dm7		     G9          Cmaj7  		Am7
It seems a shame to see September   swallowed by the wind
     Dm7                  G7 	  Cmaj7                    Am7
and more than that it's oh  so sad     to see the summer's end.
	 Dm7             G9	      C               Am
And though the changing colors are a lovely thing to see
   Dm7                G9              G7                 Cmaj7
if it were mine to make a change, I think I'd let it be.

 Am   Dm7   G9sus4

       Cmaj7           Am          Dm7       G7  Cmaj7
But I don't remember hearing anybody asking me.

Am   Dm7   G9sus4   Cmaj7   Am   Dm7   G9sus4   C