Dearest Esmeralda

Words & Music by Bill Danoff
from I Want To Live (1977)

   F       G    C   Bb     C     F    
   Dearest Esmeralda  in another age 
   Dm                 Em             F
   Antiques would be modern
   We would be the rage
    F          G      C
   Silk would be in fashion
    Bb        C       F 
   We would dress in lace
    Dm                Em
   Love would be the passion
	    F       G
   And the saving grace

       F              G                 C     Am
   I slept one rainy night with you in Paris
    F              G              C     Am
   Made up for a thousand wasted years
    F           G             Em Am
   Dearest Esmeralda you are ma-gic
       F                 G              C     Am
   I close my eyes and you make love appear

    F      G        C 
   Dancing in the shimmer
	  Bb      C    F 
   Of a crystal chandelier
    Dm              Em    
   Shadows singing so low
	 F          G
   Only we could he-ar
    F      G       C
   Moving to the glimmer
    Bb      C       F 
   Shaking to the storm
   Dm              Em    
   Outside it was raging
      F               G
   But inside it was warm

       F                     G                C     Am
   We said goodnight in the candlelight and thunder
    F              G                  C     Am
   Now I wake and find you're never there
   F            G              Em Am
   I'm becoming old enough to won-der
    F               G                 C     Bb  F  C  Bb  F  C
   Happy that I'm still too young to care

    F     G      C
   Masterpieces crumble
   Bb       C      F 
   Empires tumble down
    Dm           Em        F        G
   Refugees and fantasies go underground
    F       G       C
   Romance lasts forever
   Bb          C     F 
   Love don't fade away
    Dm                 Em       
   They may take our future
	     F                G
   But they can't stop yesterday

	  F                 G              C     Am
   Cause somewhere in the cloudy skies of Paris
    F               G              C     Am
   We were part of some artists design
    F           G             Em Am
   Dearest Esmeralda you are ma-gic
   F                 G             C     Am
   In the gray around me how you shine
   F  G            C     
   Oooh, how you shine!