A Country Girl in Paris

Words and Music by John Denver
from Higher Ground (1988)

Capo up 3rd fret      

A country girl in Paris, Moonlight on the Seine.
Memories of Tennessee and Nashville in the rain.
F                                                     C      G
It's such a contradiction; a heart that's filled with pain.
A country girl in Paris dreamin' Nashville in the rain.

She walks along the boulevard Champs-Elysees,
Thinks about a country boy three thousand miles away.
  F                                          C
Pride is such a hard thing, such a price to pay,
   G                                              C
To be all alone in Paris, with true love so far away.

Bridge #1

Am                            F               C
Up upon Montmarte where she stops to rest a while
Em                                    F                 G
All the artists look at her and they long to paint her smile.
Am                             F                C
For even in her sorrow there's something in the eyes
Em                               F                     G
That makes the young men jealous and makes the old men sigh.

3rd Verse - Instrumental to Bridge #2

Bridge #2

Am                                F                 C          
They say the loss of innocence is always linked to pain,
Em                               F                 G
For once the heart is opened, nothing ever is the same.
Am                             F            C
So the evening lends itself to lovers and romance.
Em                               F                       G
The way to heal a broken heart:  give true love just one more chance.

4th Verse:  Repeat 1st verse