Cool An' Green An' Shady

Words by John Denver and Joe Henry
Music by John Denver
from Back Home Again (1974)

Unusual chord
D#dim   :  ||1212

 A          D        D#dim        A
Saturdays, holidays, easy af-ter-noons
            F#m         D                  E  Eaug
Lazy days, sunny days, nothing much to do.
 A              D                          D#dim  A
Rainy days are better days for hangin' out in----side
                 F#m        D               E
Grainy days and city ways  make me want to hide
           A         D         A
Someplace cool an' green an' shady.

 D                         Bb
Find yourself a piece of grassy ground,
     G              C
Lay down close your eyes.
 F                       Bb
Find yourself and maybe lose yourself
             A           D     E 
While your free spirit flies.

 A                 D                    D#dim  A
August skies, and lull-a-bies, promises to    keep
                   F#m            D             E
Dan-de-lions and twisting vines clover at your feet.
 A            F#m             D            D#dim  A
Mem-o-ries of Aspen leaves, tremblin' on the     wind.
                F#m           D               E
Honey bees and fan-ta-sies, where to start a-gain,
           A         D         A       D
Someplace cool an' green an' shady.
 A         D         A    D  
Cool an' green an' shady,   (Repeat and f=ade.)