Words & music by John Denver, Michael Johnson & Laurie Kuehn
from Rhymes And Reasons (1969)

Capo Up 2 Frets

Unusual Chords:
C/G 	: 3X2|13
G/F#	: 22|||3
Am7/G	: 3X2|1|
D/F#	: 2||232
CM7	: X32|||
A/G	: 3X222X

G               C/G
If I look like home to you
     G   G/F#     Em
and if I am your sign
       G                   C/G
Don' try to understand it girl
Am7   Am7/G     D/F#
When I draw the line
    G               C/G
It hasn't come to this
              G               C     CM7
That you can say I waste my time
        G    C   D
Lookin' ev'-ry-where
Goin' nowhere (Coda on Repeat)

                  G                    C/G
1.     For the  skies, they look so lazy now
2.     Because I lost what I was look-in' for

                G      G/F#      Em
1.     And     heavy   are the clouds
2.     There's nothing left to  share

                 G                      C/G
1.     There's noth-ing here that I can learn
2.     I        need to take  my - self away

           Am7      Am7/G    D/F#
1.     Of what it's all      about
2.     To  be some  oth-er-  where

            G               C/G
1.     You haven't said a thing to me
2.     A   face, a life, a min-ute more

                G                       C   Cmaj7
1.     And you talk   so    ve - ry loud
2.              I     dont think I can spare

                G      C     D
1.     Lookin' 	ev' - ry - where
2.     Lookin' 	ev' - ry - where

1.     Goin' nowhere
2.     Goin' nowhere

1.     Well,  I think I'll try the circus
2.     'Cause I tell you when you hurt me

1.     Or  go  back to Mexico
2.     and you just don't seem to know

1.            It's  time to make mistakes again
2.     And I  in - form you when I'm lonely

                 Am7         Am7/G      D/F#
1.         It's time to    change the show.
2.     And you still don't think  I'll go

                 G                  C/G
1.         It's time and time and time again
2.     So if I  lie  to  you, and smile a thought

                G      Am              Bm(addG)
1.     To    find  an-oth - er     way
2.     That's on - ly half-way here

1.            It's time to  ga - ther forces
2.     It's just a cir - cus and I'm singing

                A      A/G         D/F#
1.     And get out of yes-ter-day
2.     And I'm nev-er real-ly near

Repeat First verse take Coda


        G      C    D
Lookin' ev' - ry - where
        G      C    D
Lookin' ev' - ry - where
        G      C    D
Lookin' ev' - ry - where
Goin' nowhere

Copyright 1969, 1971 Cherry Lane Music