Children Of The Universe

Words & Music by John Denver and Joe Henry
from Spirit (1976)

   Cmaj7                                 Gm7(3fr)
A her  -  i  -  tage__ of vi - sion was giv - en to us all
To smell the ros - e's fra  -  grance
    Gm7(3fr)           Fmaj7
To hear the song-bird call
    Fmaj7                 Cmaj7                 Fmaj7             Cmaj7
To watch the dis  -  tant moon-light fill__ the com - ing of the tides
   Fmaj7                    Cmaj7               Fmaj7                     Am 
To un  -  der-stand__ that life__ is more__ than al  -  ways choos - ing sides

G    Fmaj7   Bb9

         Cmaj7                          Gm7(3fr)
And some have seen what can be seen of sail - ing ships_ and kings
    Cmaj7                                Gm7(3fr)           Fmaj7
And some are giv - en feet of clay , and some are giv - en wings
Fmaj7                Cmaj7
Some must strug-gle just__ to breathe
Fmaj7                     Cmaj7
Some have a gold  -  en spoon
     Fmaj7                Cmaj7
And some will nev  -  er leave__ the nest
       Fmaj7              Am  G   Fmaj7   Bb9
While some walk__ on the moon

     Cmaj7                                  Gm7(3fr)
And don't you know the life that lives with-in the si-lent hills
    Cmaj7                               Gm7(3fr)            Fmaj7
Is just as rich__ and beau-ti-ful__ and just as un  -  ful-filled
    Fmaj7             Cmaj7                Fmaj7             Cmaj7
As man with all__ his in - tel - lect, his rea-son and his choice
     Fmaj7           Cmaj7                Fmaj7          Am   G   Fmaj7   Bb9
Oh who's to say the night - in - gale has an - y less a voice
The sil - ver dol - phins twist__ and dance 
And sing to__ one an -oth - er
The cos - mic o - cean knows no bounds
    Gm7(3fr)              Fmaj7
For all that__ live are broth-ers
      Fmaj7               Cmaj7
The whip-poor-will, the griz-zly bear, 
    Fmaj7            Cmaj7
The el-e-phant, the whale
      Fmaj7              Cmaj7
All chil - dren of__ the un - i - verse
     Fmaj7             Am   G   Fmaj7   Bb9
All weav - ers of the tale

    Cmaj7                                 Gm7(3fr)
So pal - o - mi- no lie back down__ and dream your-self to sleep
The hawk flies__ with the mourn-ing dove
     Gm7(3fr)           Fmaj7
The li - on__ with the sheep
    Fmaj7          Cmaj7
As far a - way as you may go
      Fmaj7            Cmaj7
We'll nev - er be a - part 
     Fmaj7                 Cmaj7
It's in you dreams__ that you__ will know
     Fmaj7             Am   G   Fmaj7
The sea - sons of the heart