Sing Australia

Words & Music by John Denver
from Higher Ground (1988)

I come to Australia as many people do
To see the old koala, hitch a ride on a kangaroo
To hear somebody call me mate
And call somebody blue
    D                          A      D
To hear an aborigine play a digereedoo

Some of you came as prisoners two centuries ago
Some of you come as kings and queens, your blessing to bestow
Some of you stand all swelled with pride,
Some with shattered wings
  D                                              A     D
But all of us come with open hearts to hear Australia sing.

        G               D              G                     D
In the deserts, in the cities, in the mountains, and in the sea
         G                  D
In the stories, and in the people 
                A     D
I can hear Australia sing

Verses 3 & 4:

Waltzing Matilda, the men of Galipoli
Clancy of the over flow, Crocodile Dundee
The myth of all creation, the teaching of Baiame
The legends of the dream time for all eternity

In this celebration of a brief two hundred years
The cost to build a nation in blood and sweat and tears
And if we stand divided, divided we will fall
But if we stand together, we shall conquer all

Repeat Chorus

          G               D               G               D
Sing Australia, Sing Australia, Sing Australia, Sing Australia
        G               D
In the sails of Sydney Harbor
                A     D
I can hear Australia sing